Building Security Culture and Leadership in Your Organization

Strategies and guidance on how to effectively communicate security culture and leadership in your organization.

Together we will discuss the following functions of building culture and leadership in your organization:

  • Setting the culture in your org
    • Identifying current culture, defining goal for new culture, and creating it
  • Developing your Security Leaders
    • Creating an ownership mentality
    • Using direct honesty
    • How to communicating expectations and follow up
    • Setting the tone as a leader
  • Communication strategies for security leaders
    • Soft skills
    • Dissecting effective written communication


How to prepare

Consider aspects of your company’s culture and leadership around security and come to the workshop with an idea of how you would like your organization to act and communicate around the topic of security.


After the meeting

Be prepared to create lasting change in culture and leadership in your organization!


       Virtual Workshop

         60 minutes



Ask your account rep today about how to receive a complimentary workshop.


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