New York, June. 2, 2022 /Press release/ -- FortMesa, a leading provider of compliance orchestration and vulnerability management software, today announced it has entered into an alliance agreement with CyVision, a leader in vulnerability testing for service providers.  FortMesa has invested in a dedicated team to provide CyVision its own tenancy to allow scanning for hundreds of thousands of devices at each end customer. 

According to Research by Ponemon Institute, unpatched vulnerabilities were involved in 60% of data breaches

"Quarterly and annual scanning for vulnerabilities is no longer adequate to combat against attackers scanning to deploy ransomware. Vulnerabilities need to be detected and remediated on a daily basis," said John Williams , CEO, CyVision. "To address these challenges and enhance the solutions we provide our clients, Cyvision is building out our Vulnerability Automation Platform powered by FortMesa, a market leader in compliance automation systems. Enabling clients to scan into each device, identifying vulnerabilities, scoring them with predictive and risk based intelligence, is key to prioritizing immediate remediation."

"FortMesa has spent two years adding and refining our multi-tenant scaling and integrations for service providers," said Matthew Fisch, CEO and Founder of FortMesa. "And across its vast client base, FortMesa has been carefully listening and deploying functionality for customers. Through this alliance, FortMesa and CyVision can deploy and service hundreds of service providers"

About FortMesa

FortMesa offers MSPs, MSSPs, Virtual CISOs, and Consulting Companies a suite of sales and service delivery automation tools to enable inhouse cyber service delivery using existing staff that may or may not have not spent years being educated in the intricacies of cyber compliance and advanced defensive tactics. With FortMesa, these service providers can harden their customer’s systems and credibly assure their customers of compliance with industry security standards like CIS, NIST, HIPAA, SOC 2, FedRAMP and more. FortMesa functionality expands beyond typical GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) platforms. Tools for asset and vulnerability management are turn-key, allowing deployments (or collects telemetry) in all devices on the end client. This data is mapped to organizational units and provides a holistic picture of each organization and governance. Additionally, vulnerability workflows are offered that encourage daily scanning and risk-scored prioritization of the results.  Learn how FortMesa's compliance and risk tools can help your business sell and deliver effective and profitable security solutions at

About CyVision

CyVision Technologies was established in 2018 and is dedicated to combating the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks. It is strategically focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses, healthcare, schools, municipalities, public safety organizations, not-for-profits, and other industries, improve their security posture in order to protect their most critical assets. The company, and the cyber vulnerability assessment service it offers, serves as a foundational partner for those institutions and organizations who, now more than ever, need to understand their most critical cyber vulnerabilities but do not have any cyber risk management programs, or often times the experienced personnel, in place to proactively combat the potential for cyberattack. Specifically, the CyVision Enhanced Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Service was designed as a more affordable, fixed-cost solution for organizations and institutions needing to invest NOW in protecting cyber networks, and in turn, their most valuable assets.

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