Prepare for the Win

Tactics you can immediately use to prepare your customer for investments in cyber.

Together we work to resolve "My customer says cyber is too expensive"

Business executives naturally want to know their IT is safe and secure, investments in cybersecurity however are driven by outside pressures.

  • Learn about customer cyber pressures and what drives moments of urgency
  • How to educate the customer to prepare for the sale
  • Converting calls to action into willing security buys



Prior to attending, familiarity with your predominant business model and a clear grasp of pricing and packaging services are required. Completion of the "Cyber Pricing & Packaging" workshop is recommended as a prerequisite.


How to prepare

Get ready for this event by recording situations where your customers have turned to you with security or compliance help.


After the meeting

Secure your branded collateral package from FortMesa and elevate your brand’s impact.

       Virtual Workshop

         60 minutes



Ask your account rep today about how to receive a complimentary workshop.


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